Freeman Manufacturing and Supply Company is the original inventor of Machinable Wax, a product known world-wide for its unique machining properties.

Machinable Wax is:
  Non-Abrasive – unlike metal and tooling boards that can cause significant wear on cutting tools.
  User-Friendly – machining produces chips instead of dust, for a cleaner work environment.
  Self-Lubricating – enables all machining operations to be performed without the need for coolants or cutting fluids.
  Available in a Wide Variety of Sizes – eliminating the waste associated with using large tooling boards for smaller projects.
  Self-Releasing/Self-Sealing – liquid tooling plastics, including epoxy, urethane, and silicone rubber may be poured into Machinable Wax without requiring the use of sealers or release agents.


Our machinable wax is sold direct as well as distributed through a world-wide network of dealers. Recently, one of our dealers decided to switch out our wax for his own...without letting his customers know of the change in manufacturers. Therefore, we challenged our lab (and our purchasing department) to formulate a new lower-cost version of our world-renown Machinable Wax to get our wax back in the hands of those lost customers.

We discovered a limited supply of an alternative raw material and formulated our new Purple Machinable Wax. This wax is now sold exclusively through this website. And because of its raw materials, it can be offered at a price much lower than what you'll find elsewhere.

And in case you've been reading the other guy's claims, we don't use chlorinated paraffins fact, we aren't quite sure what chlorinated paraffins are. We had to Google it. Rest assured, you won't find hazardous or harmful ingredients in any of our machinable waxes.

Purple Machinable Wax was formulated by Freeman Mfg & Supply, the original creators of Machinable Wax and it is manufactured in the same state-of-the-art facility as all of our world-renown wax products. And as always, each batch is quality tested by our lab before it ships. Same sizes, lower prices, and better wax than you'll find from anyone else. And we back it up with a full 100% money-back guarantee.

Finally, please note that Purple Machinable Wax is not the same as our Ferris File-A-Wax Purple carving wax. File-A-Wax is a jewelry carving wax that was formulated decades ago. Its formula, since acquired and now manufactured by Freeman, is unique and quite distinct from Purple Machinable Wax.

The employees at Freeman have worked very hard to ensure that all of the product and price information throughout our website, our print documentation, and in our price quotes is accurate. However, since our website contains over 1100 pages and 10,000+ items, not to mention the hundreds of technical documents, it is entirely possible we missed something while we work toward 100% accuracy. Therefore, Freeman cannot and will not be held responsible for inaccuracies or omissions.

If you discover any such mistakes or you question the accuracy of any information contained in this website, please contact us and we will remedy the situation as quickly and fairly as possible.