Special Discounted Blocks

Promotional 1 lb. Blocks

Our "Classic Blue" has become the industry standard, and our other waxes are well on their way! Stay ahead of the curve and try our Enhanced Turquoise or Economical Purple 1 lb. blocks at a special discounted price. Select your color below and add to your cart. Limit 1 of each color per order.

"Economical Purple" wax is ideal for low-budget projects and educational training programs. Also backed by a 100% performance guarantee, this wax is formulated with the same high quality standards as our other products. 

"Enhanced Turquoise" offers excellent detail and durability whether working by hand or machine. This latest variant of our Machinable Wax is backed by a 100% performance guarantee.

Want to jump right in? Check out all purple wax or all turquoise wax and place your order today!
Economical Purple 2" X 3" X 5"
Original Price: $8.96 (Save $3.96/44%) Limit 1 per order.
Enhanced Turquoise 2" X 3" X 5"
Original Price: $13.20 (Save $6.20/47%) Limit 1 per order.